About me...

Curious and enthusiastic about nomadic and tribal fabrics, handmade techniques and natural dies, I began to build my own collection during journeys in different countries. My growing passion for ethnographic weavings or other textiles led to create “L’âme des tissus”. Year after year, reading books, spending hours in museums and through an extensive number of travels I have learnt to select items made by and to be used by the people who made them, and not especially for commercial sale.

Browsing around, I give preference to pieces testifying to the mankind’s skill, creativity, aesthetic sense, authenticity and cultural significance. I love to share the beauty of my purposes from different countries : beautiful and one-off kind traditional works of unknown artists reflecting their history, religious beliefs, lifestyle and cultural differences. Revealing held over the centuries the mankind’s highly rich skill and creativity, they have the power to enrich our lives with beauty and meaning. Having one piece of that kind embellish your home more than any other kind.

« The fabric of a people, unlock their social history. They speak a language which is silent and yet more eloquent than the written word ».

Written by Lewis Henry Morgan, XIX th century’s American anthropologist studying American Indians tribes: this phrase had a particular and strong meaning for me, it inspired me the name “L’âme des tissus”.

Sources of collection


I purchase at source in the country of origin, from people in the villages, little shops and markets in obscures areas where possible, sometimes from private collectors met by good fortune. I select original, specific and authentic old pieces (over fifty years) for almost one of a kind, timeless antiques : flat woven tribal rugs, nomadic carpets and blankets, bags, ethnic textiles, horse and camel covers and other decorative items, embroideries and costumes no more made. My preference goes to textiles, costumes and decorative items. Sometimes I get few carpets, having a strong beautiful feeling about.

The collection...

I do not have huge amount of items, I only opt for finds I will endeavor to keep : pieces always handmade, having an esthetic incredibly modern, original strong design, beautiful colors especially natural dies, good materials and tactile qualities. Old tribal costumes are always produced by women throughout their lives for them and their daughters’ dowries, each one of them keeping with tradition and guided by their own artistic sensibility.

The customers...

My customers are : museums, textiles editors, decorators, interior designers, private and professional collectors, stylists and costumiers from different world regions.



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